Enertia customers can access a list of available program updates based on their company's specific build records. To access this information, navigate to our main website  https://www.enertia-software.com/


Hover over the “Me” icon to login or, if already logged in, go to the Members page.



Hover over the “My Enertia” menu, and select “Available Updates.”



From the Client Builds page, please navigate as follows:


  1. Show Builds
  2. Verify the most recent build is selected per environment.
     Ex: most recent build for “Live” if reviewing available updates for Live or most recent build for “Upgrade” if reviewing available updates for Upgrade.
  3. For the “Action” drop-down, select the option to Show Updates by File (may also sort by release note or date) and click to Load.


Once loaded, the customer may review these online or use the provided link to download to Excel for reviewing offline. Please note: for sorting the Excel file, it is best to use the second tab. The first tab attempts to group the files based on how they were sorted online, but changing the sort on the first tab does not work as well. Changing the sort on the second tab works great.


(Two screenshots following.)